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About Instant Public Records Search * indexes various free public records websites to assist people in performing free public record searches and free background checks. Search public records through variety of government and public record links using our innovative cloud based technology. continuously looks out for new public records found online and makes every effort to keep our website updated with latest public record information. Our listings are updated hourly by our turn-key automation algorithms created by our public records research scientists. Visitors to our site can automatically uses tools such as easy to use instant search to access public records nationwide & compare results quickly. is one of the largest indexer of public information sites on the Internet. Whether you are looking for a public property records about a new area you are moving to or want to get a complete background check, we can help you find the exact website using our innovative search technology. We not only connect you to many free public records available through government agencies or websites, but also give you the option of other premium providers that can provide records that you are not able to obtain freely online. Visit to check if the information you are searching for is available through free public records or at a lower cost via a private company. There is no cost for visiting the site and exploring its various options. gives you a variety of options to search for free. You can look up the Criminal Public records, sex offenders, and population information around your neighborhood; Or simply check the license of your medical professional or attorney. equips you with the knowledge so that you can make correct decisions!.

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