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As your premier online investigative reporting sources provider, is proud to connect you to partners that offer you an array of services that comply with all Federal and State laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Our partners offer you instant access to your educational, civil, and criminal background checks. With the creation of innovative cloud-based technology, our search services surpass all others!

What is the FCRA?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, Public Law No. 91-508, was enacted in 1970 in order to promote accuracy, fairness, and the privacy of personal information that is assembled by Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs). CRAs assemble reports on individuals for businesses, employers, landlords, and others. The FCRA provides important protections concerning credit reports, investigatory reports, and employment background checks.

The FCRA in itself is a very complex statute that has been significantly changed and updated since its inception in 1970 by Congress and various courts. This Act's primary role requires that "reasonable procedures" be followed in order to protect the confidentiality, accuracy, and relevance of information. The Act sets nationwide standards for employment screening that is performed by third-parties.

In some states, such as in California, there are stricter laws that also need to be complied with concerning background checks. Some things that cannot be revealed with background checks include information regarding bankruptcies that are 10 years or older, and information on civil suits, civil judgements and records of arrest that are seven years or older from the date of entry. Additionally, arrest-record information when a conviction was never entered cannot be provided.

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