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County Clerk

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Bay County Clerk
Cynthia A. Luczak

Bay County Building
515 Center Avenue, Ste. 101
Bay City, Michigan 48708-5122
(989) 895-4280 Voice
(989) 895-4284 Fax
(989) 895-4049 TDD/TTY

Births Certificates
Birth Certificate Information
Application Form


Address 515 Center Avenue Ste 101 Bay City Michigan 48708 5122

Recorder / Probate Office
Recorder / Probate Office
Get a copy of Bay County birth certificates and death certificates. Have certified copies mailed to your home or find a local office.
Bay County Clerk?
515 Center Ave
Bay City, MI 48708
Phone: (989) 895-4280
Fax: (989) 686-4620

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Bay County Clerk

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... About Bay County.Area Service Providers.Bay County Profile.City & Township Officials.State & Federal Government Officials.Driving Directions.Government Organization Chart.History of Bay County.Map of Bay County.2007 Road Commission Audit.On ...

... County Clerk.var mB2 = ""; var menuspacer = "";.var DocId = 101;.window.$ = $telerik.$;.About Bay County.Area Service Providers.Bay County Profile.City & Township Officials.State & Federal Government Officials.Driving Directions.Government ...

Recorder / Probate Office.Recorder / Probate Office.Get a copy of Bay County birth certificates and death certificates. Have certified copies mailed to your home or find a local office.Bay County Clerk?.515 Center Ave.Bay City, MI 48708.Pho ...

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Genealogy is researched daily from 2:00 4:00 p.m. Business professional names on assumed names and co-partnership forms are also issued from the Clerk.The County Clerk serves as the Chief Election Officer and maintains an accreditation with the State of Michigan. The Clerk programs Optical Scan voting equipment to be utilized in every election. Legislation effective 1/1/05 places the County Clerk in charge of all school elections.The County Clerk, with the assistance of local clerks, maintains a highly advanced statewide voter registration system known as QVF, the Qualified Voter File. Many states have followed the lead of Michigan election officials in this technology. Environmental Affairs and Community Development.Equalization.Executive.Finance Department.Friend of the Court.Geographic Information System.Golf Course.Gypsy Moth Suppression Program.Health Department.Housing Department.Housing Rehabilitation.Information Systems Division.Juvenile Detention.MSU Extension.Mosquito Control.Personnel and Employee Relations.(Human Resources).Pinconning Park.Probate and Juvenile Court.Prosecutor.Public Defender.Register of Deeds.Sheriff.Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Program. Transportation/Planning.Treasurer.Veteran's Affairs.Contact Info for.All Departements.Officials & Departments.County Clerk.Bay County Clerk.Cynthia A. Luczak.Bay County Building.515 Center Avenue, Ste. 101.Bay City, Michigan 48708-5122.(989) 895-4280 Voice.(989) 895-4284 Fax.(989) 895-4049 TDD/ of the Clerk's Office.Births Certificates.•.Birth Certificate Information. •.Application Form.The Bay County Clerk files and maintains all vital records including Birth, Death and Marriage certificates. Records date back as far as 1867. Officials & Departments. County Clerk.

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• .Application Form.- Assumed Names. •.Application Form.- Co-Partnerships. •.State of Michigan Licensing and Permit Information.Concealed Pistol Permits / CCW. •.General Information regarding CCW's. • .Application Form. •.Michigan State Police Information.Elections. • .November 2, 2010 Election Information. • .August 3, 2010 Election Information. • .Election Information. •.Election Results. • .Candidate Information. • .Precinct Delegate Information. Campaign Finance reporting is held accountable under the watchful eye of the Clerk who files and scrutinies reports of candidates, ballot question committees, and independent committees.The office also secures military discharge records, verifies notary public applications for the state, passports, and concealed weapons permits.The County Clerk is also Clerk of the.Judicial Circuit Court.and maintains all court files.The Clerk is a member of various committees by virtue of the office including: Plat Board; Gun Board; Board of Canvassers; Apportionment Committee; Election Commission; and Bay County Board of Commissioners. . Community Involvement.~Hours of Operation~.Office Hours.Monday - Friday.8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.Open during lunch for your convenience.Genealogy Research .Monday - Friday.2:00 PM - 4:00 PM .Death Records.•.Death Record Information.Marriage Licenses. •.Marriage License Information. • .Application Form.- Bay County Residents. •.Application Form. - Out of State.Marriage Ceremonies. •.Marriage Ceremony Information and Pictures.Assumed Names / Co-Partnerships.•.Assumed Names & Co-Partnership Information.

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Contact Cynthia A. Luczak, Bay County Clerk. U.S. Department of State Travel Site. Bay County Clerk's Office Hours & Driving Directions.

•.Voter Information.Genealogy. •.Genealogy Information. •.Bay County MiGenWeb Project. •.State of Michigan Research.Military Discharge. •.Military Discharge / DD214 Information.Notary Public.•.Notary Public Information. •.Application Form.- Notary Public. •.State of Michigan Notary Public Website.Passport Services. •.Passport Information. •.Application Form.- DS11. •.Renewal Form.- DS82. •.U.S. Department of State Travel Site. Other Areas of Interest.Bay County Clerk's Office Hours & Driving Directions.Contact Cynthia A. Luczak, Bay County Clerk.2011 Bay County Directory of Government & School Officials.Michigan Constitution of 1963.2010 Constitutional Convention Ballot Proposal.Bay City Daily Commemorative Edition 1934.County Clerk Statutes.Local, State & National Job Search Links.List of Bay County Clerks from 1867 to Present.News and Events.Search:.Search.Search.

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