Welcome to Lawrenceburg!

Welcome to Lawrenceburg!


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City of Lawrenceburg
City of Lawrenceburg
Local city guide for Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Links to city utilities, law enforcement and local government services.
County Seat of Lawrence
233 W Gaines St
Lawrenceburg, TN 38464
Phone: (931) 762-4459

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Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. State BBQ Championship, James Vaughn Gospel Music, Davey Crockett, Tractor Show, Crockett Theater, Amish Country.

... Notice Of Public Meeting.Read More >>.Demographics.City Charter.Theater Tickets.Property Taxes Online.Lawrenceburg Video TourBook.Economic Development.Our Location.Airport Information.Employment Opportunities.Login Form. ...

... Government.Lawrenceburg at a Glance.Message from the Mayor.City Officials.Lawrenceburg City Services.Moving to Lawrenceburg.Council Meeting Minutes.Legislative Bodies.Streets Department.Sanitation Department.Planning Commission.Taxes Licens ...

... Welcome to Lawrenceburg!.var s5_boxeffect = "elastic";.Government.Lawrenceburg at a Glance.Message from the Mayor.City Officials.Lawrenceburg City Services.Moving to Lawrenceburg.Council Meeting Minutes.Legislative Bodies.Streets Department ...

City of Lawrenceburg.City of Lawrenceburg.Local city guide for Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Links to city utilities, law enforcement and local government services.County Seat of Lawrence.233 W Gaines St.Lawrenceburg, TN 38464.Phone: (931) 762-4 ...

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Emergency Management. CPR Training. Old Huldie.

Neighborhood Parks. Bobby Brewer Park. Rotary Park.

Support for Elderly and Disabled. School Programs. Housing, Food & Prescriptions.

Lawrence County Public Library. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce. Lawrence County Economic Development.

Economic Development. Education. Parks and Recreation.

Lawrenceburg Video TourBook

Read More >>.Demographics.City Charter.var s5_ts_ifvisible = 3;.RFP & Bid Information.Surplus Auctions.Our Local Links.It is the policy of the City of Lawrenceburg that all contractors bidding on applicable city projects must include in their bid package the."TITLE VI COMPLIANCE POLICY".statement below thereby affirming their compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.Failure to include a "TITLE VI COMPLIANCE POLICY" statement in an RFP or a Bid will result in disqualification of the Contractors RFP or Bid. Tractor and Engine Show & Pull.Parks and Recreation.Parks and Rec Mission.Bobby Brewer Park.Rotary Park.Neighborhood Parks.Programs and Classes.Community Event Calendar.Contact and Online.Contact the Mayor.Contact Police.Contact Fire Department.Contact Codes Department.Contact Street Department.Contact Parks and Recreation.Contact Sanitation.Property Tax Search & Payment.Lawrenceburg Online.Notice Of Public Meeting.Property Taxes can now be.PAID ONLINE.BY PHONE.as well as by mail or at City Hall. Pay Lawrenceburg Property Tax.Online.Pay-by-Phone.- Call931- 244-1008.Pay Lawrence County Property Tax.Welcome to the City of Lawrenceburg's Web Site.We invite everyone to learn about the City of Lawrenceburg through this media. Andwe extend an invitation to all those viewers that have not visited our fair city to visit us soon.Lawrenceburg's population is approximately 14,000. Our city is mixed with small town friendliness and big city bustle. Lawrenceburg is a very neighborly community where citizens and officials work together for continuous growth and prosperity.

Lawrenceburg Online. Contact Sanitation. Property Tax Search & Payment.

Child Safety Seat Law. Lawrenceburg Police Department. Mission Statement & Contact.

K-9 Unit. Gun Safety. Law Enforcement Conference.

TN Department of Labor & Workforce Development. TN County Clerk's Association. TN Department of Economic and Community Development.

Amish Country Tours. Things To Do. Tennessee State BBQ Championship.

Real Estate and Relocation. Welcome. Quality of Life.

City Charter

Pay Lawrence County Property Tax. Notice Of Public Meeting. Pay Lawrenceburg Property Tax.

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Message from the Mayor. Government. Lawrenceburg at a Glance.

Parks and Rec Mission. Tractor and Engine Show & Pull. Parks and Recreation.

Image1. Squaresm. Govdeals.

Lawrence County Board of Education. Lawrence County Advocate. Lawrenceburg/Lawrence County Airport.

Lawrence County Online Auctions. Congress.org Contact Elected Officials. Health Information Tennessee.


Streets Department. Council Meeting Minutes. Legislative Bodies.

Economic Development

South Central TN Development District.State of Tennessee.TN County Clerk's Association.TN Department of Economic and Community Development.TN Department of Labor & Workforce Development.United States Government.WDXE Radio.WLX Radio.Theater.Tickets.Property.Taxes Online.Lawrenceburg.Video TourBook.Welcome.A welcome message from Mayor Keith Durham.Quality of Life.Reasons to call Lawrenceburg home.Real Estate and Relocation.Beautiful homes and amenities.Education.Our public, private and parochial schools. This policy applies to all Engineering Firms that do business with the City of Lawrenceburg, as well as any individual contractors wishing to submit a bid for city projects.View exmple>>.View Open Bids>>.The City of Lawrenceburg participates in online auctions of surplus, confiscated and unclaimed items. Use the linked imagebelow to visit our partner, GovDeals and view the current auctions.Lawrence County, TN.City of Loretto, TN.City of St. Joseph, TN.Columbia State Community College. Congress.org Contact Elected Officials.Health Information Tennessee.Lawrence County Online Auctions.Lawrence County Advocate.Lawrenceburg/Lawrence County Airport.Lawrence County Board of Education.Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce.Lawrence County Economic Development.Lawrence County Public Library.Lawrence County Safety Council.Lawrenceburg Now.- local news and information.Lawrence County Sheriff.Lawrence County Trustee.Lawrenceburg Rotary Club.Lawrenceburg Utility System.Southeastern Law Enforcement Training Seminar.

Contact Parks and Recreation. Contact Codes Department. Contact Street Department.

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Our Local Links. RFP & Bid Information. Surplus Auctions.

State of Tennessee. Southeastern Law Enforcement Training Seminar. South Central TN Development District.

Property Taxes Online

WLX Radio. United States Government. WDXE Radio.

Employment Opportunities

Contact and Online. Programs and Classes. Community Event Calendar.

South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance. Visit the website. Learn More >>.

Notice Of Public Meeting

Moving to Lawrenceburg. City Officials. Lawrenceburg City Services.

David Crockett and the State Park. Crockett Theater and Creative Arts Center. James D. Vaughn Gospel Music Museum.

Lawrence County Sheriff. Lawrence County Safety Council. Lawrenceburg Now.

Lawrence County, TN. View exmple>>. View Open Bids>>.

Building Your Career. Community Assistance Services. Community Resource Guide View/Search/Print.

Fuel services are available (Avgas/100LL and JetA fuel), attended daily from 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. The Airport runway is 5,003 ft. long and 100 ft. wide. The runway strength is 25,000 lbs maximum weight for single-wheel airplanes and 37,000 lbs for dual-wheel airplanes.Visit the website.Learn More >>.Employment.Opportunities.Job seekers should contact the.South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance.and follow links on Job Seekers until you find all the information you need.You can go to the state site in that link and then follow to Lawrence County and surrounding areas. There is a lot of job information on the state site also. Parks and Recreation.David Crockett State park is in the city limits.Economic Development.Our balanced economic picture.Economic.Development.The City of Lawrenceburg and Lawrence County join with the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce for Economic Development in our communities. We have several Development Boards that work with the Executive Economic Director of the Chamber in meeting the requirements of those seeking to expand or open new businesses and industry in Lawrence County.For help with your project please contact. Daniel Webb.Visit the.Chamber of Commerce.Location.Lawrenceburg and Lawrence County are located approximately 85 miles southwest of Nashville.Tennessee State Highway's 43 and 64 connect the Lawrence County Area with major arterial and interstate highways. Interstate 65 is about 40 miles North East.Over 50% of the U.S. population is located within 600 miles of Lawrenceburg and Lawrence County.Get Directions and Map.Airport.Information.The Lawrenceburg/Lawrence County Airport has the mission of serving general aviation and commercial customers with personal and professional service.

Taxes Licenses Fees and Fines. Sanitation Department. Planning Commission.

Lawrenceburg Utility System. Lawrence County Trustee. Lawrenceburg Rotary Club.

City Charter. Read More >>. Demographics.

Contact Fire Department. Contact the Mayor. Contact Police.

2010 - 2011 Annual Budget.Public Safety.Lawrenceburg Police Department.Mission Statement & Contact.Child Safety Seat Law.Gun Safety.Law Enforcement Conference.K-9 Unit.Frequently Asked Questions.Lawrenceburg Fire Deprtment.Mission Statement.False Alarms.Fire Prevention.Safety Tips.CPR Training.Old Huldie.Emergency Management.Things To Do.Tennessee State BBQ Championship.Amish Country Tours.Crockett Theater and Creative Arts Center.James D. Vaughn Gospel Music Museum.David Crockett and the State Park. Taxbanner. Welcome to Lawrenceburg!.var s5_boxeffect = "elastic";.Government.Lawrenceburg at a Glance.Message from the Mayor.City Officials.Lawrenceburg City Services.Moving to Lawrenceburg.Council Meeting Minutes.Legislative Bodies.Streets Department.Sanitation Department.Planning Commission.Taxes Licenses Fees and Fines.Community Assistance Services.Community Resource Guide View/Search/Print.Building Your Career.School Programs.Housing, Food & Prescriptions.Support for Elderly and Disabled.Legal and Health Programs.

Public Safety. Legal and Health Programs. 2010 - 2011 Annual Budget.

Get Directions and Map. Daniel Webb. Chamber of Commerce.

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Mission Statement. Frequently Asked Questions. Lawrenceburg Fire Deprtment.

Columbia State Community College. City of Loretto, TN. City of St. Joseph, TN.

Safety Tips. False Alarms. Fire Prevention.

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