City of Enid, Oklahoma : Home

City of Enid, Oklahoma : Home

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The City of Enid delivers essential services that enhance the quality of life of its citizens.

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Groups and organizations seeking grant money from the Enid Convention and Visitors Bureau may now request revised grant forms.


Address P O Box 1768 Enid Oklahoma 73702
Phone 580-234-0400

City of Enid
City of Enid
Local city guide for Enid, Oklahoma. Links to city utilities, law enforcement and local government services.
County Seat of Garfield
P.O. Box 1768
Enid, OK 73702
Phone: (580) 234-0400

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The City of Enid delivers essential services that enhance the quality of life of its citizens.

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... City of Enid, Oklahoma : Home.Search Query Textbox.Translate.Contact Us.Our Community.Living in Enid.Citizen Serve (External Link).GreEnid - Go Green Initiative.Parks & Recreation.Public Safety.Service Request.Quality of Life.Utility Se ...

City of Enid.City of Enid.Local city guide for Enid, Oklahoma. Links to city utilities, law enforcement and local government services.County Seat of Garfield.P.O. Box 1768.Enid, OK 73702.Phone: (580) 234-0400.

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City of Enid 401 West Owen K. Garriott Road P.O. Box 1768 Enid, Oklahoma 73702 580-234-0400.Contact the City.Contact the Webmaster.Sitemap.Employee Portal.Privacy Policy & Disclaimer.Website Created by Vision Internet.

Quilting Circle. Amended Livestock Ordinance Approved. More ».

Lodging. Convention Centers. Dining.

Meet Eric Benson. Ward Map. City Manager.

Employee Benefits. Meetings. Employment.

Specifications.Standard Drawings.Enid Public Transportation.EPTA Advertising.Disabled Residents Application (PDF).Senior Fare Application (PDF).Student Flash Pass (PDF).Divisions.Safety Information.History.Firefighter's Creed.Classic Photos.Download Center.Enid Fire Honor Guard.Employment.Using 911.Fire Civil Service Commission.Human Resources.Employment.Information for Employees Only.Information Technology.Legal Department.City Attorney's Office.Municipal Court and Municipal Court Clerk.Library. Application - Non City Employees.Application - Current City Employees.Applicant Drug Questionnaire.Applicant Supplemental Questionnaire.City Code (Sterling Codifiers).Departments.Accounting.Accounts Payable.Annual Audit Reports.Annual Budget Reports.Frequently Asked Questions.Animal Control.Adopt-A-Pet.Lost and Found Pets.Cherokee Strip Conference Center.Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).MLK Diversity Award 2011 (PDF).CDBG Grant Application Instructions (PDF).CDBG Grant Application.City Clerk. Boards & Commissions.Business Licenses.City Manager.Meet Eric Benson.Ask Benson.Code Administration.Business Licenses.Permits & Inspections.Property.Pamphlets.Community Development.Planning.City Code (Sterling Codifiers).Emergency Management.Siren Warning System.NOAA Weather Radio.During/ After an Emergency.Tornadoes and High Wind.Flash Flooding.Lightning.Storm Shelter Registration (External Link).Current Weather Data.Being Prepared.Engineering.Permits.Apply for Sidewalk Repair Partnership Program.

City Commission Adopts New Capital Recovery Ordinance 2010-14. Proposed Enid Renaissance Program. Christmas Holiday - City and Trash Pickup Schedule.

City Code (Sterling Codifiers). Community Development. Planning.

South Jefferson Street Closure. City Commission Adopts New Capital Recovery Ordinance 2010-14. Amended Livestock Ordinance Approved.

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Vance Air Force Base (External Link). Leonardo's Discovery Warehouse (External Link). Meadowlake Golf Course (External Link).

Living. City of Enid, Oklahoma. City of Enid.

Madison Street Closure.Madison Street (south side with State Ave) will be closed for 7-10 days, starting 11/22/2010 to install a new water line.Road Construction on East Maine Street.East Maine (from 16th Street to University Avenue) will be closed beginning Tuesday, November 9, 2010 to work on asphalt resurfacing. This work will take approximately three weeks.North 10th Street Closed to Traffic.North 10th Street will be closed from Maple Ave to Elm Ave for approximately one week.More ».©. Latest News.Upcoming Meetings & Events.Construction News.Proposed Enid Renaissance Program.Over the course of two days, the City of Enid met with five architectural firms to consider potential design plans.Christmas Holiday - City and Trash Pickup Schedule.City offices will be closed November 24, 2010 for the holiday with exception of emergency services.City Commission Adopts New Capital Recovery Ordinance 2010-14.Provides a mechanism for developers to recover a portion of excess capacity costs for water improvement projects. Amended Livestock Ordinance Approved.Ordinance 2010-15 relating to the keeping of livestock within the city limits of Enid.More ».Events., 2010.Quilting Circle., 2010.Aviation Advisory Board., 2010.Metropolitan Area Planning Commission Study Session., 2010.Metropolitan Area Planning Commission., 2010.Garfield County Knitters., 2010.Computer Tutor.More ».South Jefferson Street Closure.South Jefferson St. (from State Ave. to Wabash Ave.) will be closed for 7-10 days, starting 12/6/2010 to install a new water line.

Contact the City. North 10th Street Closed to Traffic. More ».

City of Enid, Oklahoma : Home.Search Query Textbox.Translate.Contact Us.Our Community.Living in Enid.Citizen Serve (External Link).GreEnid - Go Green Initiative.Parks & Recreation.Public Safety.Service Request.Quality of Life.Utility Services.Ward Maps.Visiting Enid.Convention & Visitor's Bureau.Military Families.The Arts.Attractions.Community Calendar.Convention Centers.Dining.Lodging.Medical.Shopping.Transportation.Vance AFB.Moving to Enid.Chamber of Commerce.Military Families.Quality of Life. Follow us on Twitter. Follow us on YouTube.

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Recycle Center.Poly Cart - Yard Waste.Parks & Recreation.Public Safety.Fire Department.Police Department.Quality of Life.Service Request.Tell us what you think.Ward Maps.Utility Services.City Photos.I want to.Apply for Sidewalk Repair Partnership Program.Contact the City.View city department maps and addresses.Report a property code violation.Citizen Serve (External Link).View FAQs.Staff Directory.Complete Termination Survey.Pay My Traffic Ticket.Pay Utilities.Request Open Record (PDF).Start / Stop Services. About Us.Events Calendar.Search Our Collection.Online Research.Adult Programs.Youth Services.Forms & Feedback.Contact Us.Meadowlake Golf Course.Police.Using 911.Administration.Adopt-A-Pet.Animal Control.Crime Prevention.Divisions.Employment.History.Lost and Found Pets.Press Releases.Public Service Announcement.Registered Sex Offenders.Specialized Units.Wanted.Public Works.Environmental Compliance.Landfill.Parks & Recreation.Solid Waste.Storm Water.Streets & Traffic.Water Distribution. Water Production.Water Reclamation.Utility Services.Auto Payment.Pay Utilities.Start / Stop Services.Utility Appeal Policy.Relocation Assistance Program.Utility Inspection Policy.Residential Rates.Woodring Airport.About Woodring.Field Information.Businesses on Field.Barnstromers Restaurant.Map & Location.Whats New.Event Calendar.Job Opportunities.Meetings & Events.City News.Subscribe to eNotifier.View Enid on The Move (External Link).Residents.Citizen Serve (External Link).GreEnid - Go Green Initiative.

Businesses on Field. About Woodring. Field Information.

Enid Fire Honor Guard. Classic Photos. Download Center.

Departments. Our Community. City Government.

City Attorney's Office. Information Technology. Legal Department.

Boards & Commissions. CDBG Grant Application. City Clerk.

Permits. Business Licenses. Economic Development.

Flash Flooding. During/ After an Emergency. Tornadoes and High Wind.

Police Department. Public Safety. Fire Department.

Business Licenses. Ask Benson. Code Administration.

Ward Maps. Quality of Life. Utility Services.

Enid Chamber of Commerce (External Link). Enid Convention & Visitor's Bureau (External Link). Enid Regional Development Alliance (External Link).

Complete Termination Survey. View FAQs. Staff Directory.

Community Development Block Grant Funding Commission. ADA Access Board. Aviation Advisory Board.

Request Open Record (PDF). Pay My Traffic Ticket. Pay Utilities.

City Government. Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. Translation.

Tell us what you think. Quality of Life. Service Request.

Gaslight Theatre (External Link). Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center (External Link). Enid Symphony (External Link).

Animal Control. Annual Budget Reports. Frequently Asked Questions.

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Pay Utilities. Utility Services. Auto Payment.

Enid Joint Recreation Triad, Inc. (EJRT). Construction Board of Adjustment and Appeals. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commission.

Lost and Found Pets. Employment. History.

Christmas Holiday - City and Trash Pickup Schedule. Icon of current weather. Proposed Enid Renaissance Program.

Permits. Being Prepared. Engineering.

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Community Connection. Specifications. Standard Drawings.

Cherokee Strip Conference Center. Adopt-A-Pet. Lost and Found Pets.

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GreEnid - Go Green Initiative. Residents. Citizen Serve (External Link).

About Us. Municipal Court and Municipal Court Clerk. Library.

Departments. Applicant Supplemental Questionnaire. City Code (Sterling Codifiers).

Streets & Traffic. Solid Waste. Storm Water.

Registered Sex Offenders. Press Releases. Public Service Announcement.

Divisions. Animal Control. Crime Prevention.

Ward 3 - Lewis Blackburn. Ward 1 - James Crabbs. Ward 2 - Don Rose.

Our Community. Privacy Policy & Disclaimer. Website Created by Vision Internet.

Ward 6 - Todd Ging. Ward 4 - Drew Ritchie. Ward 5 - Larry Brummal.

CDBG Grant Application Instructions (PDF). Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). MLK Diversity Award 2011 (PDF).

Disabled Residents Application (PDF). Enid Public Transportation. EPTA Advertising.

Whats New. Barnstromers Restaurant. Map & Location.

Chamber of Commerce. Vance AFB. Moving to Enid.

Workforce & Education. Military Families. Quality of Life.

Construction News. Latest News. Upcoming Meetings & Events.

Our Community. Translate. Contact Us.

Road Construction on East Maine Street. South Jefferson Street Closure. Madison Street Closure.

What's New. City Government. Departments.

Divisions. Senior Fare Application (PDF). Student Flash Pass (PDF).

Parks & Recreation. Environmental Compliance. Landfill.

GreEnid - Go Green Initiative. Living in Enid. Citizen Serve (External Link).

Public Works. Specialized Units. Wanted.

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Applicant Drug Questionnaire. Application - Non City Employees. Application - Current City Employees.

Firefighter's Creed. Safety Information. History.

Citizen Serve (External Link). View city department maps and addresses. Report a property code violation.

Doing Business. Visiting. Moving.

Metropolitan Area Planning Commission. Aviation Advisory Board. Metropolitan Area Planning Commission Study Session.

Parks & Recreation. Recycle Center. Poly Cart - Yard Waste.

View Forms. View Enid on The Move (External Link). View Flood Plain Information [PDF].

Transportation. Medical. Shopping.

911 Board of Enid and Garfield County. Ask Benson. Boards & Commissions.

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Fire Civil Service Commission. Employment. Using 911.

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Military Families. Visiting Enid. Convention & Visitor's Bureau.

Special Sales Tax Oversight Committee. Park Board. Police Civil Service Commission.

View City Ordinances. Start / Stop Services. View ADA Information.

Water Reclamation. Water Distribution. Water Production.

Historic Preservation Commission. Enid Public Transportation Authority. Fire Civil Service Commission.

More ». Garfield County Knitters. Computer Tutor.

Construction Board of Adjustment and Appeals.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commission.Enid Joint Recreation Triad, Inc. (EJRT).Enid Public Transportation Authority.Fire Civil Service Commission.Historic Preservation Commission.Library Board.Meadowlake Golf Course Advisory Board.Metropolitan Area Planning Commission.Park Board.Police Civil Service Commission.Special Sales Tax Oversight Committee.Tree Board.Vance Development Authority.Zoning Adjustment Board.Meetings.Employment.Employee Benefits. Workforce & Education.Doing Business in Enid.Bids & RFPs.Building & Construction Codes (External Link).Business Licenses.Economic Development.Permits.Specifications.Standard Drawings.Community Connection.Enid Convention & Visitor's Bureau (External Link).Enid Regional Development Alliance (External Link).Enid Chamber of Commerce (External Link).Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center (External Link).Enid Symphony (External Link).Gaslight Theatre (External Link).Leonardo's Discovery Warehouse (External Link). Meadowlake Golf Course (External Link).Vance Air Force Base (External Link).History.Location.Tell us what you think.Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.Translation.City Government.Office of the Mayor.Biography.City Council.Ward 1 - James Crabbs.Ward 2 - Don Rose.Ward 3 - Lewis Blackburn.Ward 4 - Drew Ritchie.Ward 5 - Larry Brummal.Ward 6 - Todd Ging.Ward Map.City Manager.Meet Eric Benson.Ask Benson.Boards & Commissions.911 Board of Enid and Garfield County.ADA Access Board.Aviation Advisory Board.Community Development Block Grant Funding Commission.

Meet Eric Benson. Business Licenses. City Manager.

Metropolitan Area Planning Commission. Library Board. Meadowlake Golf Course Advisory Board.

City Council. Office of the Mayor. Biography.

Relocation Assistance Program. Start / Stop Services. Utility Appeal Policy.

Follow us on Facebook. Madison Street Closure. Road Construction on East Maine Street.

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