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Recorder / Probate Office
Recorder / Probate Office
View birth, death, marriage and divorce records for Sanpete County, UT. Buy certified copies or proof of certificates online or find your local clerk.
Sanpete County Clerk
160 North Main
Manti, UT 84642
Phone: (435) 835-2131

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The Sanpete County Clerk directs Elections, Marriage and Passport Divisions, and the Commission Clerk Division for Sanpete County.

... Sanpete County Clerk.Top Entrepreneurs.County Clerk.Closed: Fri.- Sun. & Holidays.County Commission Meeting.Marriage Information.Other Information:.Sanpete County Land Use Information:.Manti-Ephraim Airport Overlay Zone Petition Attachm ...

... Sanpete County.Click Here!.Visitors.VIDEO TOURS.EVENTS.OUTDOOR FUN.ATV/Dirtbike Trails.Fishing Holes.Rock Climbing.Golfing.Scenic Drives.Hunting.Mt. Bike Trails.Horse Riding.Waterskiing.Camping.Local Parks.Bird Watching.Snowmobile.Snowkitin ...

... Sanpete County Clerk Sanpete County.Sanpete County.Tell-A-Friend.about Here!.Visitors.VIDEO TOURS.EVENTS.OUTDOOR FUN.ATV/Dirtbike Trails.Fishing Holes.Rock Climbing.Golfing.Scenic Drives.Hunting.Mt. Bike Trails.Horse Ridin ...

Recorder / Probate Office.Recorder / Probate Office.View birth, death, marriage and divorce records for Sanpete County, UT. Buy certified copies or proof of certificates online or find your local clerk.Sanpete County Clerk.160 North Main.Ma ...

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Agenda Application.Employee Agenda Application.COUNTY AGENDAS AND MINUTES.Marriage Information.Officiants in Utah.Any ordained minister who is at least 18 years of age, Native American spiritual advisors, the Governor, Mayors, Justices of the Peace, Judges or Commissioners, County Clerks, President of the Senate, Speaker of the House of Representatives, retired Judges or Magistrates, U.S. Judges or Magistrates may perform weddings.Sanpete County Marriage Search.18,000+ records from 1850 to 2010.Western States Marriage Search. 435-835-2135.Office Hours.M-TH 7:00am-6:00pm.Closed: Fri.- Sun. &$ Electronic Sanpete.County Commission Meeting.Commission meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month. The Municipal Building Authority (MBA) meetings are held from time to time as the Board of Trustees deems necessary. When held, meetings of the. Board will usually be on the dates listed below at 1:00 P.M., with the Commission Meeting following. Notice of all meetings will be posted 24 hours in advance.All meetings will be held in the Commission Chambers (Room #101) at the Sanpete County Courthouse, 160 North Main Manti, Utah. It is mandatory for anyone wishing to meet with the Commissioners schedule an appointment with the County Clerk 48 hours in advance of said meeting. Individuals with disabilities needing special accommodations should contact the clerk’s office at least 3 working days in advance.

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Wildland Interface.Six County A.O.G.State & Federal.Cities.Ephraim.Fairview.Mt. Pleasant.Spring City.Gunnison.Moroni.Fountain Green.Sterling.Recreation Blog.Sanpete County Clerk.County Clerk.We hope the information available to you at this time will be beneficial. My door is always open to you. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the services provided by the Clerk’s Office, feel free to call or email….Sandy Neill.160 North Main PO Box 100 Manti,.UT 84642.435-835-2131. Commercial Build.Commercial Land.Ephraim Industrial.Incentives.Meeting Facilities.Broadband.Altazip Wireless.Wildblue Satellite.Starband Satellite.CentraCom DSL.Manti Telephone.Gunnison Telecom.Alltel Wireless.Verizon Wireless.Residents.Coupons/Discounts.Social Clubs.County Landfills.Real Estate.Job Bank.Driver License Div.Political Parties.USDA Rural Dev.Check Your Credit.USU Extension.4-H Youth Program.Voc. Rehab.Education.Snow College.Utah State Univ.Traditional Building Skills Institute.N.S. School District. S.S. School District.Wasatch Academy.Great Basin Research Center.Bookmobile.County Info.Sanpete Statistics.Census Statistics.Maps of Sanpete.4th Grade Reports.Workforce Service.Consumer Expenditure Report.Population Data.Sales and Tax Data.Crime Statistics.Traffic Volume Map.Press Releases.Government.GENERAL PLAN.Assessor.Attorney.Auditor.Building & Zoning.Commissioners.Courts.Economic Dev.Fair Events.Fire Warden.Health Department.Recorder.Road & Weed.Sheriff.Travel & Tourism.Treasurer.

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Uniformed Services & US Citizens Overseas.Voting Districts:.Fairview.Mt. Pleasant.Moroni.Ephraim.Gunnison.Countywide.Sanpete Voting Districts Matrix.Voter ID required to Vote.–.NEW 2009.Candidate Information:.Candidates for 2010 Election.Contact Info. for Opposed Candidates.County- Financial Disclosure.County- No Contributions or Expeditures.School Board- Financial Disclosure.School Board- No Contribution or Expenditures.Statement of Dissolution.– Campaign Signs.Political Party Contact Info. Related Downloads.Related Links.State & Federal Representatives for Sanpete.Legal Notices.Statewide Voting Results.State Political Parties.Lt. Governor' Office.Utah Assn. of Counties.Sanpete Narrows Water Project.Loading search engine….Top Entrepreneurs.Copyright ©2010 Sanpete County.ATV Trails.Rock Climb.Snowmobile.Snowkiting.Webmaster._uacct = "UA-354339-1"; urchinTracker();.

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As the public’s guardians of freedom within a democratic society we protect and promote public trust and confidence by administering the election process to assure timely, accurate and honest elections. We are dedicated to giving the people of Sanpete County the opportunity to exercise their right to vote.: All voters should bring picture the polls on election day. Early and absentee voters should bring picture I.D. and proof of residency.Voter Information:.Election Results.Notice of Public Audit of Voting Machines. Marriage License Information.Other Information:.Passport Information.Death/Birth Information.Public Roadway Right of Way License.COUNTY BUSINESS LICENSE APPLICATION.(Excluding Incorporated Cities).Sanpete County Land Use Information:.General Plan.Land Use Ordinance.Subdivision Ordinance.Zoning Map.–.ArcReader.Planning_Commission_Application.– 30 day notice required to get on the agenda.Manti-Ephraim Airport Overlay Zone Petition. Attachments:.Restrictive Covenant Amendment.Supplemental Information. County Boards.Special Service Districts.Sanpete S.S.D. #1- Roads.Sanpete S.S.D. #2- Fire.Axtell S.S.D.Federal Mineral Lease S.S.D.Skyline Mt. Resort S.S.D.Water Districts.Sanpete Water Conservancy District.Indian Ridge Water Conservancy.Other Boards.Planning Commission.Weed Board.Bookmobile Board.N.S. School Board.S.S. School Board.Voting Information.Register to Vote, Candidates, Polling Locations….Protecting Your Right to Vote Is Our Mission:.To serve the public by administering the election process and promoting voter registration.

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Snow College.Fine Arts.Sporting Events.Activity Center.Great Basin Env. Education Cntr.Other Fun.Lodging & Hotels.Getting to Sanpete.Manti Temple.Mormon Miracle Pageant.Restaurants.Retirement.Sanpete Climate.Summer Lodging.Health Care.Sr. Organizations.Youth Conferences.Utah Destinations.Business.Business Directory.Business Login.Entrepreneurs.Website Grant.Resource Library.Lecture Series.Outsourcing.Resource Links.Advertising/ Media.Available Property.For Lease.40,000 Sq Feet.16,000 Sq Feet. Follow Us On Twitter. Sanpete County Clerk Sanpete County.Sanpete County.Tell-A-Friend.about Here!.Visitors.VIDEO TOURS.EVENTS.OUTDOOR FUN.ATV/Dirtbike Trails.Fishing Holes.Rock Climbing.Golfing.Scenic Drives.Hunting.Mt. Bike Trails.Horse Riding.Waterskiing.Camping.Local Parks.Bird Watching.Snowmobile.Snowkiting.History & Culture.Historical Sites.Pioneer Heritage.Museums.Driving Tour.Cemetery Database.Marriage Records.Arts & Leisure.Art Galleries.Sanpete Artisans.Aquatic Center.Movie Directory.

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